Blonk.NU supports artists and performers as an experienced business/legal manager, who advises on a wide variety of business and legal issues that an artist encounters in their career. Blonk.NU does not regard itself as an outside consultant, but rather as a full member of the management team that surrounds the artist. Blonk.NU initiates, negotiates and drafts entertainment related agreements in the broadest sense and has an in depth knowledge of international copyright and neighbouring rights practice. Additionally Blonk.NU can advise you on all aspects of the career of the artist, such as touring, A&R, social media, video, distribution, sponsoring and merchandising. Blonk.NU is an official trademark agent as well, registring trademarks on behalf of its client, both local and international


Artist management companies, labels, or other companies that have the ambition to create and market entertainment content in the broadest sense, prefer to work with Blonk.NU. Blonk.NU has a broad knowledge of the international entertainment landscape and the commercial dynamics thereof. Added value of Blonk.NU not only lies in the experience with regards to the business and legal aspect of entertainment related agreements, but also in the commitment to make these agreements work in practice to maximize returns. Existing artist managements can commission Blonk.NU for the business and legal affairs of their business as Blonk.NU can act in an “in-house” legal advisor to their company. As an experienced professional Blonk.NU fully respects all aspects of client confidentiality.



Blonk.NU is the ‘go to’ legal for Dutch artists and music industry professionals, but also very active in offering services to music clients from abroad. Besides a multitude of one-off business/legal projects in the music business, Blonk.NU currently works on a structural basis for Boaz van de Beatz, Rotterdam Airlines, Nouveau Riche Music, Kaiser MGMT (Chef’Special, David Benjamin), NikkieTutorials, Smash The House, Found Frequencies, 8Ball Music, Stars Agency (Sera, Alvaro, Bas van Dalen), SubBass Music Group (Davina Michelle), Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Lost Frequencies, Day-Four MGMT (Indian Askin, Nana Adjoa, Mambyar), Roughstate (Ran-D, Frequencers, B-Front, Gunz For Hire), TopDown MGMT (Dennis Weening, Billy The Kit), Cloud 9 Music, Tomorrowland, Q-dance Music & Artists, Soave Music, Within Temptation, DI-RECT, Avedon (Vincent van den Ende) and The Companions.


Blonk.NU is the business & legal firm of Stefan Blonk LL.M. (1975). Stefan graduated in Law from the University of Leiden (NL), before working for the entertainment law firm Kalff, Katz & Koedooder. After a short while, Stefan made his cross-over to the music business, when offered a job at the renowned dance label United Recordings, home of acts like Armin van Buuren, Laidback Luke and Chocolate Puma, to handle the business and legal affairs of the label. After 4 years of exploring the record- and publishing side of the business, Stefan broadened his experience by making a switch to Holland’s most prestigious management company AT Productions, who represented such artists as Within Temptation, KANE, DI-RECT, Boaz van de Beatz, Mr. Polska and Billy The Kit. Under his supervision, two new divisions saw the light under the AT Productions flag; AT Publishing, a music publishing company, AT Collect, a neighbouring rights agency and finally Brandknights, a trademark company for the creative industry, all currently 100% subsidiaries of Blonk.NU. Stefan is also a founding member of Dedicated Entertainment, one of Holland’s most anticipated management and bookings companies for EDM talent.

May 2015, Stefan Blonk decided to take matters in his own hands and started his independent business & legal firm Blonk.NU.

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